Maria Scherer Wilson

Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Cellist

Frequently asked questions

Always feel free to contact me if you have questions that aren't covered on this page.

I always recommend daily meditation, enjoyable exercise,
an organic/fresh diet, plenty of sleep, and positive, nurturing friends.

  1. What is the vibe like at Earthtone Healing?
    For the most comfortable experience, a padded massage table, dim lighting, aromatherapy, and relaxing sounds are used during a session. It is a home studio, with a gable (sloped) ceiling, that creates a welcoming, cozy environment..
  2. Will I be on a massage table for a Reiki & Sound Healing session?
    Yes, a padded massage table is used for all Reiki and Sound Healing sessions. If you have any physical limitations that may arise from lying on a table (neck/back issues) and need extra support, let me know. Always feel free to ask for any 'creature comforts.'
  3. Will I be on a massage table for a Sound Bath?
    No. You (or you and your friend) will either be lying on a soft blanket, or sitting in what you consider a comfortable position, for a Sound Bath. I provide bolsters, neck rolls/pillows and blankets. Feel free to bring anything that will enhance your comfort level and allow you to relax deeper.
  1. Where is Earthtone Healing located, and is it cat friendly?
    The studio is located in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of West Seattle. There are stairs going up to the house and up to the studio. The studio is kept very clean, but is cat friendly. All sheets/blankets are freshly washed before a session.
  2. Do I need to arrive early for a session?
    No. If you signed up for a 10am Session, please arrive at 10am. There is time worked into the session for conversation, settling-in, restroom and reflection. .
  3. What do I wear during a session?
    You will be fully clothed during a healing session. You are more than welcome to bring clothes to change into, so you can be as comfortable as possible. Think pajamas and non-constricting clothes.
  1. Will I fall asleep during a session?
    Maybe, but that's ok. It is normal to drift in and out of the consciousness during a session. In fact, the more you let go of controlling the body and mind, and surrendering, the more potent a healing session.
  2. How will I feel after a session?
    You may feel relaxed, energized, and/or tired. You may need to rest the remainder of the day. Give your body, mind and spirit time to process. Please be kind to yourself, be mindful, drink a lot of water, take a salt-bath and get a lot of rest.
  3. When is the best time to schedule a session?
    Try to schedule a session on a day you can take time for yourself, and not rush off to a job or event. Also, take traffic into consideration. Try to find as much ease in the day you choose for Self-care.. You deserve to take time for yourself.
  1. What might I experience during a session?
    You may experience tingling in the body, a gurgling stomach, body temperature variation, subtle muscle twitching, sensations in the energy channels, visions, a feeling of ‘out of body’ and relief from pain.
  2. What causes the sensations described above?
    All of these sensations and feelings are safe and do not cause harm. They are the results of energy and sound moving through, waking up and clearing the bodies.
  3. Will I need a series of sessions?
    Maybe. I recommend a series of sessions for those that are going through challenging times. If you've experienced a major shift in your life, and desire to let go of a negative pattern/habit, a series of sessions can help you get back on track. Let's talk.