Maria Scherer Wilson

Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Cellist

earthtone healing

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I'd like to invite you to Relax, Let Go of what is not serving you, and

Explore your Highest Self. 

I offer gentle hands-on energy healing and sound therapy,
to promote balance within your mind, body and spirit.​

For a deeper understanding of why I share these services with the world, please  read here.

welcome to earthtone healing​

earthtone healing

Reiki, Sound Healing & Sound Baths

Energetic and Vibrational Healing sessions are relaxing, powerful, yet gentle practices that help clear stuck energy in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They restore balance and harmony to a person's entire being.

Reiki and Sound Healing will benefit you if you’ve been experiencing stress, doubt, pain, anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, worry, grief and/or motivational issues.  

Living a fast paced lifestyle can be draining, and often times will create a lot of stress and dis-connect between the body, mind and spirit.  

We must find ways to Harmonize.

We all deserve time to Decompress, to Reflect, to Be.
We are Human BE-ings after all.

Personal Experiences

with Maria 

  1. I felt lighter, more optimistic and content in my body and self after the Reiki session with Maria. I experienced a lot of clarity and inspiration, and the sound bath was amazing.
    Alexis O.
  2. I struggle with very intense chronic migraines and have done long distance treatments for those. During the treatment sessions I often experience a feeling of being touched and blockages being moved around and released. In days after these sessions I often feel more in tune with my physical body and my emotions which help me practice better self care. Maria is incredibly kind and loving.
    Begin S.
  3. I certainly felt the effects of the Reiki following the session. There was a subtle sense of everything being ok and more settled. Relaxation and ease. Immediately after the session I felt pretty zonked and a bit dreamy but was able to re-engage with life soon after. The space was inviting and comfortable and I felt very supported during session.
    Tonya O.
  4. Maria walks her talk. This is a plus in most things, but with an energy healer, it's an absolute necessity. Her work feels both safe and effective. My session with her was absolutely fabulous. She is gentle, intuitive, empathetic and fun. I've found myself craving more! And, as a professional musician, she brings an extra dose of magic to the sound healing component. It's ineffably beautiful.
    Jamien C.
  5. I loved your space - it was clean, calm and inviting. You seem quite a natural at healing sessions. I feel at ease for the rest of the day.
    Monica S.